AppraisAll is an international valuation firm with a focus on Europe. We assist our clients in addressing the questions and concerns they have on the proper values for their assets with tailor-made, fit-for-purpose solutions. We specialize in the value assessment of tangible fixed assets and through our large international network we assist our clients with the valuation of intellectual property and business valuations as well as with advice in adjacent fields of expertise.


AppraisAll is founded on the belief that value is the only true and just motivation for the behavior of organisations in general and making business decisions in particular.
All organisations whether big or small, profit or none profit should use their core value(s) as the yard stick to judge all projects whether strategic, investment, restucturing or other.


Together with our clients AppraisAll defines the method to measure the value at hand.
The method is compiled by combining the appropriate tools available from various valuation approaches.
Key to each tailored method is to formulate the value as precisely as possible while being able to measure the impact of the changes of the input on that value.


AppraisAll assists clients with a wide variety of value related questions in the field: tax, financial reporting, insurance, fixed asset leases, acquisitions, and divestitures.
Typical projects include assistance with purchase price allocations, impairment testing, tax revaluations, insurable value analysis, sale/lease-back analysis as well as specialty projects. To get a better understanding of how AppraisAll assists our client, please visit our projects section.


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